Enjoy the Summer :)

For those who want to eat fresh, homemade granola in an eco-friendly coconut bowl set, this one is perfect for you :)


Naked Bites flavors are reuniting in the same box with Gaia's Store's eco-friendly reusable products!


Naked Bites:

Quinoa & Almond Granola 350 gr

Naked Bites Granola is a homemade, plant based product which contains no additives or preservatives.


Gaia's Store

1 Natural coconut shell bowl

1 Sono spoon

1 piece of raw cloth pouch of 20 cm * 30 cm size


Product features:

The inner surface of the Natural Coconut Bowl has been smoothly sanded, while the outer surface has a rough finish.

Coconut Bowls, a gift of nature, are made from real coconut shells separated from their oil and fruit. Natural Coconut Bowls, each hand-made, are produced by cleaning the shells, sanding the inner and outer surfaces, and then polishing them with 100% organic coconut oil.


It is biodegradable, Vegan and Nature friendly.



- 100% Natural

- Reusable

- Easy to Clean

- Safe for Food

- Handmade

- From Real Coconut Shell

- Origin: Vietnam

Granola, Coconut Bowl & Spoon Bundle